Introducing the most innovative panel saw to come along in a life time.


  • Quick change tools utilizing our amazing gap guides (patent pending). Swap out the saw for a router in as little as twelve seconds. Just slide your tool to the gap at the top of the guides, disconnect power and the counter balance and remove the tool, rotate it 90 degrees or replace your saw with a router. It’s that simple.
  • Polycarbonate carriagesĀ  are clearly better, they let you see what you saw. Get unprecedented visibility of your your workpiece while you are cutting. Stop problems before they start.
  • Ever hear of a panel saw you could make miter cuts on? This one can perform 45 degree miter cuts on a work piece as wide as 36 inches.
  • Precision extruded custom guide rails, clear anodized.
  • Ultra low friction bearing lower support eliminates rollers, reduces complexity and enables cutting of small parts standard panel saws could never handle.
  • Accurate to at least 1/32″ over four feet.
  • and many more…

Watch the video and see the difference:

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